Who Consumes the Most CBD? A Comprehensive Look at CBD Statistics

CBD consumption is more prevalent among populations aged 18 to 34, according to a recent SingleCare survey. CBD has become an official global substance, starting out as a niche alternative to conventional health treatments and now becoming a popular trend. This is not limited to oils, capsules and tinctures, but also includes CBD makeup, bath bombs, toothpaste, sheets and treats for dogs. Is CBD a miracle medicine or just another health trend? To answer this question, we've conducted a survey on CBD and compiled a reliable study to help you understand the potential health benefits of CBD.

These statistics on CBD have been compiled to help you discover essential information about CBD, the legal circumstances surrounding it, its users, the market and other alternative cannabinoids. According to CBD statistics, CBD is a very popular product. Its popularity is growing due both to curiosity and to the usual CBD products used for medical and relaxation purposes. People of all ages are drawn to the potential benefits of CBD.

While customers are concerned about CBD products, some people still have misconceptions. However, they are generally optimistic about the cannabinoid. While research on other cannabinoids is lacking, the reasons for their use and the reasons people recommend them seem to match what we know about CBD and THC. We'll continue to learn more about CBD in the future.

The number of consumers who spend on CBD annually and their projected growth are perhaps the most important statistic for predicting the future. Overall, this shows that younger users of CBD are more likely to take it frequently and probably informally. A breakdown of monthly spending according to the type of CBD that customers prefer can also be found. It should be noted that most CBD consumers who have received CBD from family and friends are responsible for the “never bought” statistic.

The above findings indicate that CBD users are more likely than others to support regulation and testing. This information is crucial if you are interested in CBD as a business and gives you more insight into consumer behavior. There is a big difference between non-consumers and consumers in terms of the availability of CBD, as 4 out of 5 consumers support free access to CBD, while less than 2 out of 5 non-consumers do so.

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