What is the Optimal CBD Percentage?

When it comes to analyzing the cannabinoid content of a strain, it's quite common to find a THC content that ranges between 12 and 25 percent, with anything above 20 percent being considered very strong. On the other hand, any CBD content that's 4 percent or more is considered a high-CBD strain. Strains such as CBD Charlotte's Angel and Auto CBD Charlotte's Angel can produce CBD levels of up to 20% in dried buds, sometimes with very low THC levels, around 0.2% or less. Generally, the CBD level will average between 10 and 15%, while the THC level will be between 0.5 and 1%.

The amount of CBD naturally contained in the plant can vary greatly depending on the variety. As a result, many professional cannabis seed banks are seeing an increase in orders for cannabis seeds with high CBD levels, both from domestic and legally licensed growers. These strains have low levels of THC, meaning that the cannabis concentrates (and the cannabis oil with CBD) obtained from them are not psychoactive either. Finding the perfect THC and CBD ratio is a personalized experience.

CBD and THC molecules are naturally produced by hemp plants in larger or smaller quantities. Therefore, there are strains of cannabis sativa that are almost devoid of cannabidiol (CBD). THC will get you high, while its sister compound, CBD, generally doesn't, and it has therapeutic potential. Hunter also foresees the appearance of powder packs of these products: imagine Emergen-C, but with CBD.

It is very likely that the product contains all CBD, with little or no THC (legal hemp products with CBD fall into this category), or that the product contains all THC. It is important to add that many medicinal growers also prefer to grow varieties of cannabis rich in THC (with low levels of CBD) and cannabis rich in CBD. Without professional laboratory testing, it's difficult for the average home grower to assess CBD levels (and THC levels) in home-grown cannabis. There are many other varieties of CBD available with CBD levels ranging from 6 to 8% or more, with different levels of THC.

Finally, it is recommended not to exceed a daily dose of 70 milligrams of CBD, all products combined. However, thanks to “hybridization”, it is possible to select certain varieties because of their richness in CBD and their virtual absence of THC. On the other hand, CBD has no intoxicating properties and can even reduce some of the less desirable effects of marijuana such as anxiety or paranoia. For many recreational growers, the presence of high levels of CBD produces what is often said to be a deeper, richer and more satisfying effect.

A medical marijuana product that contains high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC may be ideal for beginners who want to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC.

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